Does hair rebonding make hair weak? Know from experts what to do and what not to do after rebonding

Straight hair is most in trend at this time. Whether you are in trendy officewear or carried ethnic, straight hair suits all kinds of outfits. So now most of the girls prefer to keep their hair straight. Those whose hair is naturally straight, they not only flaunt their hair, while those whose hair is not straight, they like to get hair rebonding done for it. But there is a common belief that after rebonding, the hair becomes thin and weak. Let us know from the experts the answer to this question and the do’s and don’ts of rebonded hair after rebonding.

Is hair rebonding safe?

Most of us like to experiment with our looks. Hair colouring, hair cut, smoothing and much more. But before giving a new look to your hair or using any chemical on them, one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of it.

ghar par balon ko seedha karen
Curly hair can be straightened at home too. Image: Shutterstock

If you are also thinking of getting hair rebonding done, then you should also keep some things in mind. Because the hair is very delicate, it becomes even more fragile after hair rebonding. Therefore, they need to be taken care of more wisely than normal hair.

Understand what is hair rebonding

According to Suvarna Tripathi of Champagne Salon Delhi, hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that straightens curly hair. Due to which the hair becomes silky and straight. This treatment is good for people who have curly hair and find it difficult to handle.

How is hair rebonding done?

Hair rebonding is a lengthy process and takes several hours to complete. It passes through several stages.

To begin this process, the hair is first cleaned with a mild shampoo and dried with a blow dryer. When the hair is dry, it is straightened. When the hair is unraveled, iron is used on it. After this the hair is steamed. Then with the help of chemical treatment, the hair bonds are relaxed and then they are naturalized.

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How to take care of hair after rebonding

The reality is that after hair rebonding, the texture of the hair changes completely and it becomes very fragile. Therefore it is very important to take care of them.

Do not wash hair for about 3 days after 1 rebonding.

It would be better to keep the hair open after 2 hair rebonding. Do not put any clip, eraser, etc. in it. Even taking the hair behind the ears should be avoided. By doing this, a crease is formed in it and the hair does not appear straight.

3 Keep in mind that the hair should be straight while sleeping. If the hair is not taken care of while sleeping, they will lose their shape.

After shampooing the hair, conditioner it well. So that the hair gets nourishment.

5 During a hair rebonding treatment, your hair is often ironed and steamed. So try not to use heat to dry your hair.

After the completion of this process, make sure to touch up and trim your hair after some time.

Avoid using heat on the hair. picture shutterstock

Do’s and don’ts of rebonded hair

After hair rebonding, wash the hair with a mild shampoo and always condition the hair.
Make sure to use 2 hair masks from time to time. To keep hair healthy.
After washing the hair, just using the conditioner is not enough. When the hair is slightly wet, also apply serum in it.
After hair rebonding treatment, hair becomes very fragile, so use only a wide-toothed comb. So that the hair does not break.
Massage your hair regularly.

take care

Suvarna says, “Though hair rebonding is a great option for straightening hair, but it also has some side effects. If you take good care of your hair after hair rebonding, you can reduce its imperfections to a great extent and keep your hair healthy.”

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