MD kingpin was about to set up own factory in Bharuch: cops | Mumbai news

Mumbai: Premprakash Parasnath Singh, the chemistry post graduate who was arrested in August for allegedly synthesizing and selling mephedrone in his factory in Ambernath, was in the process of setting up a pharmaceutical factory in Gujarat to serve as a cover for manufacturing the synthetic stimulant, the Mumbai Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) has found.

The 55-year-old, who earned the moniker of Walter White, the protagonist of popular show Breaking Bad, was arrested after the ANC made a drug bust of 1,218 kg of mephedrone worth 2,500 crore in August. Since then, the police have arrested seven more accused, including owner of two pharma factories, whose facilities Singh allegedly used to synthesize the drug.

The value of the haul rose to nearly 4,856 crore the ANC said on Friday, after the forensic science laboratory confirmed that a second batch of drugs of 1,723 kg seized by them, was also mephedrone.

“During our probe, we found that Singh had purchased a 5,000 square metre plot in Bharuch in Gujarat around a year ago. We sent a team to the spot and found that a factory was being constructed on the plot. In further inquiries, we also confirmed that Singh had placed orders for machinery which is used in pharma companies and which can also be used for synthesizing narcotics,” an ANC officer said.

Singh was subsequently interrogated about this aspect and allegedly confessed that he wanted his own set up so as to stop dependence on others for manufacturing mephedrone.

“Singh had used two different factories, one in Ambernath and the other in Gujarat, to make mephedrone, in exchange for significant amounts of money for each batch. Singh was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the risk that he was exposing himself to by involving outsiders in his operation and also wanted to save money. At the same time, his list of clients was growing and he needed a more stable and secure set up, which is why he purchased the land and started constructing his own factory in Bharuch,” the officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Datta Nalawade of ANC confirmed that the plot of land had been discovered and inventoried. “We have initiated the legal process for attaching the property and it should be done soon,” Nalawade said.

Apart from the land, Singh had also bought a 3-BHK flat in Dahisar, two shops in Nalasopara, and two other plots of land outside Maharashtra over the last few years. His bank account details also revealed transactions amounting to over 50 crore in the last few months.

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