Doctors take out 63 spoons from man’s stomach, intestine in Meerut

In a freak case, 63 headless spoons were recovered from the stomach and intestine of a Muzaffarnagar resident on Sunday. The team of doctors of the Meerut-based private hospital, which performed the successful surgery, said that the patient is now stable and will be released from the hospital in a couple of days.

Speaking on the case, surgeon Dr. Rakesh Khurana said, “Vijay Chauhan, a native of Bopara village in Muzaffarnagar, approached us with abdominal pain around 15 days back. During inspection, we suspected the presence of some foreign material in his stomach and recommended surgery.”

He added, “When the patient returned to the hospital with severe pain, a re-examination confirmed the presence of a spoon-like material. On Sunday, we took out 62 headless spoons from his stomach and one from his intestine. It is the first such case I have come across.”

Divulging further details, Dr. Khurana said that the patient is a drug addict and was undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation centre in Shamli for the past seven months. It is not yet clear how and why he swallowed these spoons as the patient has been giving us contradicting accounts. He once told us that the staffers at the rehabilitation centre forced him to swallow spoons. The other time, he confessed to swallowing spoons at his own will.

“We may be able to ascertain the facts once the patient regains consciousness,” added Dr. Khurana.

Till the time of filing this report, no case was registered in the matter.

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