Nazar Serial Star Plus Cast, Cast in Nazar Hindi Serial


Nazar Serial Star Plus Cast, Cast in Nazar Hindi Serial: The audience loves serials. There are many genres in serials, including comedy, crime, and thriller. We will be discussing the Star Plus Hindi serial, one of the most beloved. It is Nazar Serial, you might have already guessed. It is Nazar Serial. You can find the most popular serials, cast, and characters on the internet. The table below will give you information about the cast of Nazar Serial Hindi and their characters.

Nazar Serial Star Plus Cast, Cast in Nazar Hindi Serial

Cast Names Character Names (Nazar)
Antara Biswas Mohanna- The Ekayan
Harsh Rajput Ansh Rathod- Daavansh and Mohanna’s son
Niyati Fatnani Piya- Devik and Ansh’s wife
Ritu Chaudhary Seth Vedashri- Ansh’s adoptive mother
Amit Kaushik Shekhar Rathod- Ansh’s adoptive father

Nazar Star Plus Serial Hindi Cast Age

In the table given below, you will find out the real age of the cast members from the serial Nazar

Cast Names Age
Antara Biswas 39 years
Harsh Rajput 34 years
Niyati Fatnani 28 Years
Ritu Chaudhary Seth 37 years
Amit Kaushik 40 years

Nazar Star Plus Serial

Most of the serials focus on Supernatural Horror Drama and sentiments. Nazar is also a Supernatural Horror Drama serial. This is a Hindi serial that is aired on Star Plus from 30th July 2018. Nazar Hindi Serial airs every Monday to Friday at 11: 00 PM. Have you missed watching it on tv? Don’t worry you can now watch every episode on Hotstar.

Nazar Star Plus Hindi Serial

The Nazar serial language is telecasted in Hindi. The serial is aired from Monday to Friday only on Star Plus. Nazar Star Plus Serial has become one of the favorite serials in people’s hearts. Watch your favorite Star Plus serials on Television or respective OTT platforms.

Nazar Serial Star Plus

Niyati Fatnani plays the lead role in the Hindi serial Nazar. She has played so many roles in various serials. Her role in Nazar’s serial is tremendous and many people are loving her character in the serial.

Nazar Star Plus Serial Harsh Rajput

Harsh Rajput who is a well-known serial artist plays the male lead in the serial. He has also played various characters in various serials. His character in the serial will be important to push the story to the next level.

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