If you are pregnant, then know these tips during healthy Navratri fasting

India has a wide array of cultures and festivals, which include both fasting and feasting. Navratri is known as the most special fast among Hindus, which has started. nine On this day-long festival, people eat non-vegetarian food., Onion, garlic, cereal, Abstain from alcohol and smoking. But the type and duration of fasting varies from province to province.

Let us first know some positive aspects of fasting

it boosts immunity

Brings down LDL cholesterol level

It improves gut bacteria

Improves vigor and vitality

It also improves hormones.

But there are some ways to fast. Eat a variety of hydrated fruits and vegetables before fasting. It helps in slow release of calories and keeps you hydrated and satiated throughout the day.

1 Avoid salt

arouses thirst, So Avoid salty foods. Eat more air-fried and baked foods instead of deep frying. Make sure the food is not too oily or greasy, Because you may feel tired the next day.

2 diet is balanced

Make sure the diet is balanced during Navratri. It basically works on complex carbohydrates consisting of various grains on the plate along with vegetarian sources of protein and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

Foods to avoid in monsoon
Be sure to eat fruits during fasting, they will prevent dehydration, Image : Shutterstock

This diet helps in building immunity along with detoxifying the system of toxins. keep food rules simple30% carbs + 30% good protein 30% High fiber vegetables.

don’t forget 3 Doctor take advice from

Pregnant women should not fast for long periods as it can affect the development of the baby, but if necessary, they should consult their doctor for permission to fast., With all Make sure to include small nutrient-rich meals throughout the day.

They should work more on the quality of the nutrients rather than the quantity.

It is necessary to consume such things at regular intervals which are rich in nutrients.

Hydration is also very important during fasting. During this period expectant mothers have to balance the macronutrients and micronutrients well.

take care of this too

Fiber and protein like fruits to start the day, Have a good source of milk and nuts. Choose fruit yogurt with nuts and seeds or milkshakes or smoothies for breakfast.

Always remember that coconut water in the middle of the day, Hydrate by consuming lassi or buttermilk.

Pregnant mother must also follow these 10 tips of fasting

Choose whole grains that provide energy and fiber. For example, you can choose foods like sago, bajra, ragi, amaranth, samak.

2 Choose vegetarian sources with each meal, such as cheese, yogurt, milk, tofu, legumes and sprouts. It helps in growth and improves the condition of muscles.

junk food ko kre avoid
Give up sweets, Image : Shutterstock

3 Consume lots of fruits and vegetables to pump up your antioxidant range like apples, pears, potatoes, pumpkins, gourd vegetables, etc.

4 Hydrate with water and other fluids like soup and oatmeal to boost metabolism.

Avoid sugar and sweets and replace it with nuts and fruits to get natural sugars as well as build immunity.

Avoid deep fried, packed food and caffeine which usually slows down the metabolism.

7 Avoid full cream milk/condensed milk as it can overload the system which can also lead to lethargy.

8 In this season, include foods rich in vitamin A in the diet like carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oranges, cantaloupe etc.

Make sure to eat small but frequent meals to keep your stamina and work you going throughout the day.

10. Fasting works wonders for your body provided you balance the food well.

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