Vivan Bhatena who starred in the original O Sajna video: People are messaging me saying Neha Kakkar has spoilt the song

Ever since Neha Kakkar’s recreated version of famous song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai has come out, actor Vivan Bhatena’s inbox is flooded with messages with music lovers expressing their disappointment. But the actor doesn’t have any issue in the trend of revisiting the classic for a new spin.

It was with Falguni Pathak’s song video that Bhatena walked into showbiz in 1999. In fact, Pathak has also objected to Kakkar’s O Sajna version.

“A lot of people have been sending me DMs, and I have been getting a lot of messages where people are saying, ‘How can Neha do this’, ‘she has spoiled the song’, this and that, and all sorts of drama,” Bhatena tells us.

The actor continues, “The thing is that every person has one’s own version of something. You can’t be angry at somebody for trying to reinvent it. It would be better if they did their own music and their own songs. But it’s such a beautiful classic song that deserved a revisit as well.”

Bhatena doesn’t see any harm in the trend of recreating old songs. “Each generation has their own version of it, you can’t say now, I will only watch Michael Keaton’s version of Batman and only Sean Connery’s Bond film. The same applies at other places as well. Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru (directors) created magic. It was all their vision of creating these beautiful small romances. It had value at that point, and there was a market for it. Now, music videos have taken a very different turn. I am not sure if those cute stories are being told.”

Recalling the funny incident due to which he got his first break, the actor goes on to reveal, “I had just gone with one of my friends who was doing a trial, and then one of the casting people asked me if I want to do the video, and I was like ‘why not’. It was fate.”

That being said, Bhatena exclaims that he is happy that the music video is still in people’s memory.

“Every old song has been taken and remixed. If she is doing well, and the music is doing well, it is okay. It is an homage to the original song. It doesn’t matter. How can you be angry with somebody for trying to say that they love the song?,” he ends.

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