Stubborn acne is not giving up, so use alum in this way, here are DIY hacks of alum

Whether it is to clean water or use it for aftershave lotion, many of you must have seen and heard these uses of alum. However, apart from this, alum can be used in many ways, which will not only make the skin acne free, but will also bring back its lost glow. Not only this, its use also enhances the complexion and also removes the spots. So you just have to go quickly and get alum from the shop and then how to use it (How to use alum for skin care), we are telling you that.

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Replace chemical products with alum in your beauty care routine, Image: Shutterstock

Why is alum special?

Alum is a colorless chemical substance, which is like a crystal. Its chemical name is potassium aluminum sulfate. It is called Alum in English. This simple-looking substance has many medicinal properties. Due to the presence of these properties, the importance of alum is important in the field of medicine.

Alum is known for its antibiotic (killing micro-organisms), astringent (causing contraction), anti-trichomonas (killing protozoal infection), anti-inflammatory (reducing inflammation), antioxidant (destroying the effect of free radicals). Doer) is considered special because of the qualities.

Here’s how to use alum for the skin

1 alum water for acne

Make fine powder of alum and dissolve it well in water. Wash your face with this. If you want, you can also add it to your bath water. By doing this, the pimples or acne present on your face, back or any part of the body will dry up and gradually start fading away. It will also help in making the skin smooth.

If you want, you can apply alum by rubbing it on the wet face. Leave it on for overnight. This will dry out the acne and if there are pimples, they will also start to look smaller.

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2 alum mixture for blemishes

Mix alum powder and olive oil in a bowl. Then massage the face with this mixture. This alum paste will help in lightening the dark spots on your face as well as the marks caused by pimples. Also, it can also prove helpful in lightening tanning.

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It is important to clean the skin before sleeping at night. Image: Shutterstock

3 Alum spray to make the skin tight

If you feel that your skin is starting to loosen with age, then alum can breathe new life into it. All you have to do is mix its powder with rose water.

If you want, you can also fill its mixture in a spray bottle. Make sure to apply it twice a day. If you do this continuously, you will start feeling the difference.

4 Alum face pack to enhance complexion

Mix alum powder with multani mitti. Now add rose water to it and prepare a wet paste. Apply this mixture on the face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Wash the face with plain water and then apply moisturizer. This mix will help to brighten and even out the complexion of the skin.

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