Meditation can also awaken your heart chakra, know how to practice it for heart health

Meditation is considered to be the oldest practice in India. It calms the mind. Recent studies have shown that meditation reduces stress. The benefits of meditation are possible only when it is done with mindfulness. It also balances blood pressure and heart rate. This can have a positive effect on heart health. In this article on Health Shots, experts are telling about heart health (Meditation for heart health ) for the right way of meditation.

Stress causes the most damage to heart health

Dr. Deepak Mittal, Founder, Divine Soul Yoga, explains, “Psychological stress is associated with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous system (SMS).hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the sympathetic nervous system) enhances the activity. This leads to the release of harmful hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

These harmful hormones speed up the heart beat. These increase the cardiac output and cause the arteries to narrow. Meditation brings deep relaxation to the mind and body. This reduces stress and restores stability.”

What research says about heart health and meditation

In 2013, researchers from the University of Sydney found that meditation can improve HRV (Heart Rate Variability). It is an important marker of mental and physical health.

In the year 2021, the American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research published a report on the effect of meditation on heart rate. This led to the conclusion that over time, meditation helps the heart beat slower and become more consistent. This indicates that meditation may be effective in preventing heart diseases.

The International Journal of Exercise Science published a study in 2017 on the effects of meditation on stressed college students. Their increased blood pressure and pulse rate decreased significantly during the 6-week meditation program.

Meditation is not just a skill but a practice

Dr. Deepak Mittal says, “Once people understand the basics of the practice, the next challenge for them is to make it a habit. For this a change in lifestyle is required. It is true that it takes time to incorporate meditation into a routine. But by trying we can achieve success.

Practice mindful meditation like this for heart health

Meditation can also work better for your heart health. You have to follow some things in its practice.

1 Sit down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes.

Do not let the outside world and any thoughts dominate the mind.

3 Spiritual Heart Center (spiritual heart center) center of chest (the middle of the chest) If it is, focus on it. Think of the heart as a space and be aware of it.

meditation karein
Meditation strengthens the heart. Image Shutterstock.

4 Breathe slowly, focusing on the heart center. Feel the breath flowing into the heart. One can also imagine the coolness entering the chest when the focus is on.

5 Breathe normally and steadily.

These tips will help you in bringing meditation into your routine

Set daily alarm on phone or block time on digital calendar.

Try an app that reminds you to meditate. Also those who were able to record the length of the session.

heart care karein
Meditation controls the increased heartbeat. Image : Shutterstock

Start practicing for a few minutes every day. Then increase the time to reach the goal.

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