These 8 habits of yours can make you a victim of diabetes, if you want to avoid it, do it from today itself

These 8 habits of yours can make you a victim of diabetes, if you want to avoid it, do it from today itself
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These 8 habits of yours can make you a victim of diabetes, if you want to avoid it, do it from today itself

Diabetes has become a common problem in India and the number of patients has also increased rapidly in the last few years. The biggest reason behind this is poor lifestyle and eating habits. Type 1 diabetes is inherited, whereas type 2 diabetes can be caused by poor lifestyle and diet. We cannot control type 1 diabetes, but type 2 diabetes can be controlled. Just by changing some of your habits. Here we are telling about 9 such bad habits that can cause diabetes.
There are many things in our lifestyle that seem harmless yet cause many problems like diabetes. Let us have a look at 9 such harmless looking habits.

1 skipping breakfast

According to a 2017 study on diabetes by NCBI, breakfast is the first meal of the day and if you skip it, your day will start with fatigue. If you don’t eat breakfast then you can be a victim of diabetes. Skipping breakfast encourages unhealthy eating throughout the day. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to snack properly, you can still have a snack with some walnuts and fruits.

2 not exercising

Most of us are in corporate jobs where sitting for long hours is considered normal. However, it can lead to diabetes. It has been revealed in various researches that not exercising and sitting for more than 30 minutes causes many problems like type 2 diabetes in the body. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that you make regular exercise a part of your routine and take breaks at work.

sleeping late 3

Nowadays people have a habit of sleeping late due to various reasons. And it can lead to many problems. Sleeping at a certain time at night is essential for good health. The problem of diabetes is mostly found in people who work till late at night. This affects the metabolism of the body and increases the risk of diabetes.

It can be heavy to wake up in the middle of the night, Image: Shutterstock

In a 2020 study published in Diabetologia, researchers studied the DNA of nearly 900,000 people and found that people with insomnia were 17 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Lack of sleep also disturbs the balance of hormones in the body.

4 eating processed food

Processed food is unhealthy and it is a well-known fact. Statistics show that the consumption of processed foods is very high in India, and this leads to many problems. According to a study, processed food increases the risk of diabetes by 15 percent. Red meat also invites diabetes, so you need to avoid its consumption.

5 Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol also increase the risk of diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smokers are 30 to 40 percent more likely to develop diabetes than non-smokers. Smoking and alcohol also lead to heart problems and high cholesterol.

6 Consuming too much sugar

If you want to avoid the problem of diabetes then you have to stay away from sugar as much as possible. If you are suffering from diabetes then you should eat low-carbon sugar-free things.

Paryapta matra me paani peena heart failure ke jokhim ko kam karta hai
Drinking enough water reduces the risk of diabetes. Image: Shutterstock

People suffering from diabetes can eat dark chocolate as it contains very less sugar as compared to other chocolates.

7 Not drinking enough water

Water is very important and beneficial for our body. Doctors recommend drinking 5-6 liters of water a day. It can cure many diseases. Researchers have found that people who drink less water have a lower risk of high blood sugar levels. Due to the lack of water in the liver and kidneys, the blood sugar level starts rising. Adequate water intake can reduce the risk of diabetes.

8 Mid Night Cravings

Midnight snacking is definitely unhealthy and should be avoided as much as possible. Getting up and eating in the middle of the night can cause diabetes. After dinner, if you eat something late at night in which the amount of carbohydrates is high, then it can increase the amount of sugar in your blood and you can suffer from diabetes. Eat a balanced diet throughout the day and avoid snacking in the middle of the night.

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