Lost your money to ONLINE fraud: This is what you MUST do immediately in case of financial cybercrime | Personal Finance News

Lost your money to ONLINE fraud: This is what you MUST do immediately in case of financial cybercrime | Personal Finance News
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If people have become smart using technologies, cybercriminals have grown smarter as they keep inventing new ways of defrauding people of their money. Be it nude video calls from unknown numbers leading to blackmail or asking OTP to unblock debit/credit cards or asking for details for updating PAN or Aadhaar card, there are numerous ways through which people have been tricked in the past and lost their hard-earned money.

In one of the recent incidents, a Rohtak-based man named Sanjay got a call from a person claiming to be a representative of a bank. The person told Sanjay that his bank account has been closed and asked him to update details like his PAN card with the bank using a link sent on his mobile. Sanjay fell into the trap and lost over Rs 23 lakhs to the scammers. However, due to his prompt action and complaint to the police, the transaction was put on hold and his money was saved.

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So, if you have also lost your money to the fraudsters, here are some steps that you should take immediately:

Call 1930: If you are a victim of financial cyber fraud, dial citizen financial cyber fraud reporting management system helpline 1930 and share all relevant details with them. A quick reaction to the fraud may help put the transaction on hold by disputing it and could save your money.

Bank Helpline: Every bank and credit card has a dedicated helpline number and email id to report fraudulent transactions. Make a call and write an email to the bank detailing the fraudulent transaction. Share key details like amount, bank account number or credit card number, transaction time, date etc. Banks may also ask you for an FIR copy, so don’t forget to file an FIR as well. You should always have your bank’s emergency contact number saved on your mobile.

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Cyber Portal: If possible, visit the central government’s cybercrime reporting portal and register your complaint by logging in on the portal.  It is important to keep any evidence you may have related to your complaint. Some evidence that you may submit to prove the fraud includes credit card receipt, bank statement, online money transfer receipt, URL of a webpage, chat transcripts, suspect mobile number screenshot etc. 

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