Karishma Mehta: Conversations with parents and partners

Karishma Mehta: Conversations with parents and partners
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Parent trap

Q. My mom is ‘inspired’ after watching Indian Matchmaking. How do I convince her to not consult one?

—Nikita, Via Instagram

Thing is, parents will go ahead and do what they feel strongly about. So, let you mother be. If you feel strongly about it or you feel uncomfortable meeting someone, sit her down and tell her you aren’t in that stage in life. And that you would like to do this properly, when the time is right for you.

Ease the Insecurities

Q.My partner keeps tagging along when I meet my girlfriends. How can I talk him out of it?

—Manika, Delhi

Get him to plan a boys’ night! Or, make him feel comfortable and safe in the relationship where you trust each other. Tell him there’s nothing to worry about, and do the needful whether it’s texting once you’re home or whatever makes him comfortable. Remember, everyone has different insecurities. .

Karishma Mehta, @karimehta05 on Instagram, is a writer, photographer and founder & CEO at Humans of Bombay

From HT Brunch, September 24, 2022

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