Give Your Home A Chic Makeover Ahead Of The Navratri Season

Give Your Home A Chic Makeover Ahead Of The Navratri Season
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Give Your Home A Chic Makeover Ahead Of The Navratri Season

The Navratri celebrations have begun in earnest. Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Diwali will shortly follow the nine-day extravaganza. Any gala calls for hosting upscale dinner parties, visiting each other’s houses, and of course making our traditional delicacies. The festivals call for de-cluttering up our homes and revamping it with new décor.

To get into the holiday mood, give your home a facelift this season. Add some distinctive and special touches to reflect your personal style. Here are some trendy methods to revamp your homes this season by Vansikha Nahata, CEO, The June Shop and Lagan Kapoor, Misa Candles

The Entrance
While devouring mouth-watering delicacies and coddling in glee is a huge part of the celebration, welcoming loved ones to our homes for collective celebration is also an integral part of our culture. The first thing that anyone would be noticing would be your entrance. Jazzing up your entrance with trendy décor collectibles such as a vase, or decorative bells and adding reed diffusers can offer the guests a refreshing feel as they enter your home. Combined with a mirror and some books, candles are also perfect for the hallway or patio and make a great first impression when you have guests over.

Living room
The guests tend to spend more time in the living room hence, styling your living space with attractive centerpiece should give the room a more euphoric vibe. Candles laid across a coffee table make for a great centrepiece when combined with fresh or dry flowers. They also provide a night of festivities with a wonderful, vintage appeal with their flickering radiance. To make your living space the focal point of the house, add a pop of color through printed cushions, an artsy canvas painting and even a bright carpet would set the appeal of the room.

The Mandir
The mandir is the most significant element of any celebration, thus it’s very important to adorn it. It might feel more joyful if you add a rangoli symbolizing the beauty of your culture and if you add floating lights. You may further elevate your mandir by using lighting in your interior design. Candles of varying shapes and colours can be grouped together to highlight or illuminate a living area.

Home accessories
This Navratri, show off your passion for local art. Your walls may seem festive by choosing a variety of canvas paintings and wall hangings. A circular mirror with lighting may provide a traditional touch to the walls. During the holiday season, metallics like silver and gold offer a sense of opulence and grandeur to your home decor. On the other hand, candles with a matte texture and pastel colours can give the space a calming atmosphere.

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