Few takers for booster dose against Covid in Navi Mumbai | Mumbai news

Few takers for booster dose against Covid in Navi Mumbai | Mumbai news
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Almost 83% of target beneficiaries in Navi Mumbai are yet to get their third dose against Covid.

Even as the government has made the booster dose available for 18-year-old and plus beneficiaries, it doesn’t seem to attract the people and Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is now clueless as to how to convince people to get vaccinated for the booster dose.

“When the Covid cases were going up, the response for booster dose had started picking up but after the cases went down, the response too has started going down. The Asha workers still continue to educate the public to get the booster dose,” NMMC commissioner, Abhijit Bangar, said.

Of the 11.07 lakh beneficiaries above 18 years, NMMC has vaccinated 12.56 lakh (114%) with the first dose and 11.40 lakh (103%) with the second dose. However, only 1.85 lakh (17%) have taken their precautionary dose. Currently, on an average, there are 26 positive Covid cases.

“With zero complications and zero admissions, we now have Covid stabilised. We have completely handed over the Vashi Exhibition Centre and if at all any Covid patient needs admission, he will be admitted to Vashi General Hospital,” Bangar added.

Meanwhile, another health officer said, “While the booster dose was introduced, there was still a fear of another wave and we spread awareness as much as possible. We urged everyone to get the booster shot but people themselves don’t want to take the third dose. Unless people themselves come forward, there is nothing much that can be done.”

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